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Seiko SPT-510/35pl,SPT-510/50pl

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  • Brand:    Seiko
  • Type:    Seiko SPT-510/35pl
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Seiko SPT-510/ 35pl & Seiko SPT-510/35pl printhead

Original Japanese piezo SPT-510 printhead which feature 510/255 active nozzles and long useable life to produce high quality output at 720dpi resolution.
1. Original Japanese drop on demand piezo printhead with steel plate protected, 510 active nozzles/printhead, 71.8mm printing width.
2. 6 color plus 720dpi makes unmatchable color and high resolution.
3. The voltage of the printhead, automatically adjustable to the temperature, prevents blockage caused by the Change of temperature.

4. Edge feather function can blur the pass line and feather the pass edge.
5. Delicately designed alloy-aluminum platform.

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