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(GALAXY)Printer Control board

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  • Brand:    GALAXY
  • Type:    GALAXY Main Board
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Galaxy Printer Control board/Control board
Suitable printer---UD181LA/ UD1812LA/UD211LA/UD2112LA/2511LA/2512LA Printer
My company can supply the range of the Infinity SID Fina Roland Mutoh Mimaki series printer machinery spare parts exp: main board, Printhead, Assistant board, Motor, Pump, ink board, Raster, Belt, Printhead convertor board assy, USB I/F PWBA, Raster decode, Media Feeding Motor, Send PVC board, Gear wheel, Floating switch, Subtank, Press rollers, Date line, Ink filter, Chain Assy, Heater board, And so on. all the printer spare parts at stock.
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